*SPOILER* LitJoy Crate – May 2019: “Darkness Calls” (Book Only) Unboxing

I gave in and subscribed to LitJoy Crate🙈. They offer a full box, book only, or item only crates. All of their books are signed AND it has art on the reverse of the dust jacket. Sometimes, they also have a tip-in art included! (or is that a regular thing, now? Not sure...) How could... Continue Reading →


*SPOILER* ShelfLove Crate – May 2019: “A Whole New World” Unboxing

Another month, another box. I couldn't wait to get this box because it has two of my anticipated 2019 releases. If you're still waiting for your box and don't want to be spoiled. STOP HERE. If you wanna see the contents of this box, scroll away~ ***SPOILER*** . ***SPOILER*** . ***SPOILER*** . LAST CHANCE. LOOK... Continue Reading →

May Wrap-Up: 16 books!😲

If April was busy, May was a super lazy month. I had so much free time and I didn't know what to do with it so, I ended up... not doing anything. I read a lot. That was it. Reading / Book-Related: I participated in ShelfLove Crate's 2019 Readathon. (Check out this post for my... Continue Reading →

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